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Crazy fun in Eastern Europe: Top Dance and Night Clubs in Prague

Let’s face it: Prague is famous mostly for its vast selection of magical beers and breweries. And there’s absolutely no problem with that. However, we all know that in order to really let go and have a great time, a combo of beer and partying is necessary… so here are the best clubs in Prague.

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ljubljana nightlife

Ljubljana – the undiscovered pearl of the European nightlife

Ljubljana in the warmer months is a completely different city by night than in the colder months. But that doesn’t mean that either period is any better or worse. In the summer, you are more likely to find yourself sitting outside one of the bars along the river and maybe even later than midnight, moving yourself off to one of the clubs. In the winter however, it’s a whole different story, a much more intimate feeling takes over as you find an available seat in the corner of one of the packed, buzzing-with-atmosphere, pubs or bars dotted all along the smaller side streets always close to the river.

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Top 10 scariest halloween parties in the world

Happy Halloween! Top 10 scariest Halloween Parties around the world You Can Haunt in 2015

If you’re sick and tired of carving Jack O’ Lanterns and you’re diet would be compromised by going trick-or-treating, don’t fret, we have compiled a list of creepy-cool nighttime parties for you around the world. We hope you survive!

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Tomorrowland Festival – Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, Tomorrow is mystery

Tomorrowland festival is the largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival in the world. It also features sub-genres like rave, trance and house music. With an attendance of more than 300,000 patrons from over 70 countries around the world, Tomorrowland promises you the best and freakiest fair ever!
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Los Angeles Nightlife

LA's best nightclubs – legendary nightlife in Los Angeles and Hollywood

As the largest city on the West Coast and the second-largest in the United States, it’s no secret that Los Angeles is the hub for almost everything music, TV, and entertainment-oriented – so why would the nightlife be any different? Between millions of people, the mountains, the ocean, and the perfect weather, it’s hard to have a bad time when you’re partying in L.A. There are tons of different nightclubs here suited to a variety of partying, whether you’re interested in ultra high-end clubs or more eclectic yet energetic bars. Located on the Ring of Fire, this city is prone to earthquakes, but you’ll find the underground to be rocking in more ways than one.

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Guide to Cape Town's eclectic nightlife: top party spots for 2015

Cape Town is a vivid, diverse, vibrant and picturesque port city with a variety of nightlife choices for any possible musical and social taste. From sophisticated Camps Bay to bustling City Bowl and Long Street , colorful Waterfront to cosmopolitan Greenpoint: here are the hottest nightlife areas and venues to watch out for.

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The Ultimate Party Chick-Guide For Men – Part I.

You just ordered your third beer with your buddies and sitting at your favorite spot in that local club you’ve been visiting for years. Things are heating up; the dance floor is getting more crowded, music is louder and wilder – such as the girls, who are starting to party for it. You are on a lookout for a nice young lady – for a fun party, a crazy dance or some flirty tête-à-tête in a dark corner? Regardless of your intentions, you do need to know what kind of girls you can run into in a club. We show you the seven most typical chick-types you might fancy – or want to avoid for your better good!

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Blood Rave Amsterdam

“Blood rave” in Amsterdam nightclub, how freaky is that?

According to a Facebook event, a group of anonymous organizers in Amsterdam are recreating Blade’s’ iconic “Blood Rave” scene for a special Halloween party where dancers are sprayed with 5 thousand liters of blood and they want to use real blood. Allegedly they already designed the sprinkler system that will drench gravers in gallons of some red substance or another.

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best ruin bar pub budapest

Best Ruin Bars of Budapest – let the nightlife adventures begin!

While goulash soup, paprika and pálinka may define the so-called hungaricums you have to try out while in Budapest, the most unique and authentic nightlife adventure you can have in Hungary’s capital is to explore its ruin pub scene. While some are more famed than others, they are nonetheless amazing and worthy to have a drink or two there – but beware, these top ten ruin pubs we recommend you may suck you in and in a wink of an eye you end up party all night long!

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Belgrade's wild nightlife. So you think you can handle its 10 best nightclubs?

Belgrade’s night scene doesn’t stand still, it is constantly evolving and shifting, as the most popular spots of the previous season close down only to be replaced by the new ones. But some things stay constant: summer boat-clubs on the river, abundance of alternative, underground bars and concert venues and, the most important of all, friendly locals.

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Hedonist's Paradise on Ibiza. Nightlife highlights in the best 10 nightclubs.

It’s no wonder this island is known for its ragers – named after the Phoenician word Iboshim, the god of music and dancing, Ibiza’s reign as a party capital is nearly 2,000 years old. If it gives you any idea just how massive the nightlife scene is here, officials in recent years have started trying to market Ibiza as “family friendly”, but to no avail – this place has always been known as the clubbing capital of the world.
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best party beach

Winter is coming… party at the beach?

Temperatures are below zero, snow and hail are falling down from the sky, and most of us have no intention whatsoever of leaving the warm house. Winter is the time when we usually retreat to our cozy homes and stay in until the sun comes out again. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are the best beach parties where you can still have a blast while all the others are freezing.
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Montreal Nightlife

Nightlife guide to the best night clubs in Montreal – Vive le Quebec!

One of the most tolerant and gay-friendly cities on earth, Montreal has always been known for its nightlife. During the prohibition era, Americans would travel to the city to sinfully consume alcoholic beverages and have a great time. Montreal keeps welcoming those looking to party; its bars don’t shut down until 3 am, and Quebec is famous for its low drinking age of 18 years old. Quite a party town, inhabited by locals who are notorious for being  exceptionally gorgeous, Montréal offers a wide array of nightlife hotspots. Get ready for a night out in one of the best Montreal nightclubs.

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2016 new years

Step into the Future with the Best New Year’s Parties in the world (2015-2016)

2016 is fast approaching, and finding a suitable New Year’s Party is never easy. No need to worry too much – we have compiled the best New Year’s Parties in the world. So, hop on a plane if you have to, and dance into the New Year!

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buenos-aires nightlife nightclubs

Raging nightlife in Argentina's capital – top nightclubs in Buenos Aires

Going to Argentina, and more specifically Buenos Aires, means that you’re in for a real treat! Be prepared to stay up well into the morning, because partying flows deep in the veins of this city. No party will start before 11 p.m. or even midnight, but no worries: you’ll have plenty of time for pre-drinks! Also, don’t be surprised if the party goes on for 24 hours, because that’s almost customary in this city!

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Sunshine, Beaches, Happiness: The Top 10 Clubs of Miami

Miami is the ultimate party paradise if you’re willing to let your hair down – beautiful beaches, swanky lounges and stunning clubs await you all around the city. Plus, it is a hub for world-famous performers, so chances are you’ll run into some insanely cool party!

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Barcelona's Nightlife at its best. Mediterranean madness in the top 10 nightclubs

Ahhh, Barcelona… Just the name conjures up magic in the heart and a smile on the face! Seriously though, there are few cities in the world that have the beauty and energy of Barcelona. With its gorgeous cobblestone streets, plazas, and of course its picturesque spot right on the Mediterranean Sea, there’s a tangible buzz under the rooftops of this city.

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Top 10 night clubs in Budapest

Best nightclubs of Budapest. Craziest nightlife in Europe?!

Characterized by the sweeping plains of Pest and picturesque hills of Buda, Budapest has gained notoriety as one of Europe’s greatest cities to explore, and nightlife is the main attraction! Thanks to its affordability, architecture, and bustling underground scene, this ancient-feeling city has an energetic new vibe everyone seems to want in on.

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Top 10 of Las Vegas' nightlife. Best nightclubs that make “Hangover” scenes look childish

As the glittering star of Southwest Nevada, the city of Las Vegas does not screw around when it comes to a good time – and neither will you if you visit! With the outrageous nightlife, shopping, fine dining, and of course gambling, this place is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and for good reason.

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Otkert Budapest

Otkert: An exciting blend of a Nightclub and a Ruin Pub in Budapest

Do you fancy a night out in Budapest at a place that ticks all the boxes? Cool people, good vibe, tasteful music and, most importantly, a great time overall? Then Otkert is the right nightlife choice.

The moment you enter it feels like a familiar surrounding, but at the same time you can’t shake off the excitement. The music is vibrant and the lights are appropriately dimmed, enough for you to see your crew or your potential dance partner…

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The best of New York nightlife. 10 stunning nightclubs that will blow your mind away

Known as the cultural hub of the United States (maybe even the world?), New York City is pulsing with parties as soon as the sun goes down. Thanks to its status as the gateway to the U.S., its huge range of ethnic and cultural diversity mean a vibrant nightlife scene no matter what day of the week.

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The Big Cool-Off: Top 10 Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas

It’s 40°C outside and you think you’re getting a heat stroke? Then it’s time for you to dig out your best swimsuit, because there are good, great – no, AWESOME – pool parties waiting for you in Vegas! Splash around to the best beats and drink magical cocktails, all the while meeting new people in absolutely luxurious settings. The only thing you’ll need to bring to these parties is suntan lotion and maybe sunglasses.

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winter festival

Heat Up Your Blood: The Best Winter Festivals Around the World

The summer is gone, it’s cold and it’s snowing, you had to put away your bathing suit, no more cocktails in the sunshine… so what? You can still keep the party going at these cool festivals all over the world! For some, you may even have to dig out your swimsuits 

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10 craziest music festivals in August worldwide

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ve probably already done your fair share of partying through May, June, and July, but it’s the month of August when things truly heat up. With outrageously awesome festivals taking place all over the world, it may be hard to choose, but don’t worry – every one of these celebrations is an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in psy-trance, sleep in a hostel overnight, or spend several days in the desert, you can find it all right here.

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TOP 10 magical nightlife places in Tallinn you will never forget

If you thought that Tallinn is all about horrid Soviet vibes and stag parties – you’re wrong. Look beyond Tallinn’s ‘Wild East’ reputation and you’ll discover a cultural underbelly of bohemian bars, iconic clubs and funky cafes where there’s good music for every soul.

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Berlin Nightlife

Top 10 Berlin's Nightlife. What's all the fuss about?

The infamous Berlin Wall fell more than 35 years ago, marking the beginning of a new era of politics, economics and…partying! Today once again, Berlin stands as a global center for entertainment, creativity and arts, and its mind-blowing nightlife scene is one of the main drivers behind its impressive development.

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The crime of illegal dancing: Japan’s absurd ban on late night dancing is going to be lifted in 2016. Party people, rejoice!

After officially classifying late-night dancing as a crime for almost 70 years, Japan has finally lifted its notorious “fueiho” law, which banned dancing in clubs and bars after midnight. In anticipation of upcoming 2020 Olympic Games, the Japanese Diet voted last month to lift the dancing ban starting 2016, ending police raids that have devastated nightclubs across the country. Read More