The Ultimate Party Chick-Guide For Men – Part I.

You just ordered your third beer with your buddies and sitting at your favorite spot in that local club you’ve been visiting for years. Things are heating up; the dance floor is getting more crowded, music is louder and wilder – such as the girls, who are starting to party for it. You are on a lookout for a nice young lady – for a fun party, a crazy dance or some flirty tête-à-tête in a dark corner? Regardless of your intentions, you do need to know what kind of girls you can run into in a club. We show you the seven most typical chick-types you might fancy – or want to avoid for your better good!

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The Sprinter


You see her immediately; no wonder why, she always wants to be seen. That young and sexy girl, leader of her crew, wearing something slightly too short and too revealing and gazes deep into your eyes while ordering her fourth mojito. Or fifth. And a round of jager-bomb shots. Within an hour. She is all into party; reckless and loud, dancing way before anyone and gets drunk all too early as well. This is why she is the Sprinter – when you finally put your courage together and waltz to their table to start some chit-chat, she is already stoned. So if you are into a Sprinter, make sure to keep up with her tempo – and slow her drinking down a bit by bringing her to the dance floor before she is knocked out.

The Party’s Advocate


Just like the Sprinter, the Party’s Advocate is also a group-leader, all badass sexiness, but while the Sprinter cannot control her drinking, she knows her shit all so well. She is no innocent little flower; an electric wild cat, who cheers the whole crew up and takes control over the events. She is the one, who always brings her shy girl-friends to the dance floor, who invites a group of guys to join their spot, who is on the phone arranging more people to come to the club – hence the name. And yes, we know how attractive her buzzing persona is and how professionally she knows how to shake that booty, but you will never find her alone; she is more interested in partying than in getting a guy. You can either join her circle of friends or mess around, but you can’t get too private with the Party’s Advocate girl.

The D.U.F.F.


Well, this is one rude urban slang, but admit it; there is usually a DUFF girl. The Designated Ugly Fat Friend, who hangs out with those hot sexy ass chicks and she is the odd one out. She could actually look much better, but next to her cheerleader-looking crew, she is always the grey, insignificant one. Your benefit of the DUFF girl is that you dare treat her a drink easily, while you actually get closer to her hotter friends. Yes, this can be one shabby and mean trick to do, but it can also work in some desperate cases. And never forget; the DUFF girls can be the most humorous and smart ones of their crew, so even if she is way less attractive than the others, you could have a lot of fun with her!

The Wedlock Girl 


You just hit on that magnetic and alluring chick and got a little flirtatious on the floor. With a grin on your face you go to the bar and invite her for a drink, when all of a sudden she asks about your intentions. Your what?! Yes, you just know her for good twenty minutes and she wants to know how many babies you’re gonna have together, how much your salary is and if you are one reliable and eligible young bachelor. The Wedlock Girl is not there to party for the fun; she is fishing for an immediate boyfriend or husband even. Needless to say, if you don’t think she is your true, eternal love, leave that boat real quick, before she goes bitch-mad on you for using her!

The Sorry-I-Have-A-Boyfriend-But-Buy-Me-Drinks Girl 


Unlike the Wedlock Girl, she is already engaged in a relationship. Which is totally okay, but it is all too awkward and annoying when she only spits it out after more than an hour of shimmy-shimmy dancing and hot flirting, while you treated her four Long Islands. She is one crafted and calculating chick, who wants to be adored, but never to be touched – we can imagine her boyfriend sitting at home playing Fallout 3, while she is so loyally dancing almost lip-to-lip with every guy. Don’t be that guy – if she is not into some more intimate time on the floor, but wants you to get her drinks, see through the bullshit wall!

The Table Girl 


You exactly know that type of girl, who could be really nice and sexy, but never leaves the table. She spent hours on her make-up and look to be flawless, all super attractive and ready to party – but the truth is, she does not like to party. The Table Girl probably loves nature or to have a coffee, but apart from her party-look, she is not at all into dancing or drinking or just chilling out in a club. She is usually dragged there by her friends – and while they hit the floor, she takes care of the bags and coats or their drunk friend, while sipping on that bubble-less coke she keeps drinking for two hours, waiting to join her beloved pillow at home. We warn you in advance: if you fancy a Table Girl, but you also want to dance, you are pretty much screwed, cause she won’t leave her boring spot for some fun.

The Woman of Mystery 


If you don’t want to fall for the first sexy ass you see twerking around, but on the contrary; you are up for a challenge, the Woman of Mystery can be your choice. She is that not-too-revealing foxy girl, wearing something equally sexy and elegant, drinks a glass of dark cabernet sauvignon and raises an eyebrow at you from the end of the bar. The Woman of Mystery only reveals herself for the ones she is truly interested in, she buys her own drink and she is not there to get wasted and banged at four AM, but to go for a sexy and intelligent, flirty adventure with a guy.

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