Summer of Love Events

Organisatie met als doel het organiseren van club-georienteerde dance evenementen, met de nadruk op het herbeleven van de opkomst van de clubcultuur.

Do you remember the time when you were partying in clubs like It, Roxy or Waakzaamheid. When Rush, Hour Power and Chemistry were sold out every week, with party people from all over the country. Clubs and Parties where they just played good club music, where the vibe was more about unity and love, then individualism that you find on most parties today. We want to bring back this unity, love and good club music. The 60 ties brought us the 1 st summer of love, piece and unity. The eighties brought us the 2 nd summer of love with the rise of house music. We will bring you the 3rd summer of love, the comeback of house, love and unity!


Opening Hours:

Saturday: 13:00 - 23:00

Summer of Love Events, Contactweg 60, 1014 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands

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