Take each garment. Place it in space and draw a line between them. The final drawing looks like something that has clean nostalgia with the validation of the past. That is our narration.

PEOPLE LIKE US is an infinite story. A story about young people and what they dream, sodden by smooth tape recorded music and a retro future mood.

In all our collections memory plays a role as foundation and beam. Each garment remembers when the first Californian and streetwear culture kids in the seventies wear his cozy worn out outfits like almost sci-fi manifestos. They did run away from fear to hope just wearing something new that not belonged to prior generations but the future ones. Fear and hope. The seventies, 20th century, remember? Today these are faded pictures. Past. Encapsulated nostalgia. But still a huge bet on the future to come. Culture crossing borders in new sports, new music, new clothes almost overlooked futurist manifestos.

We take these memories and give them the strength of today’s technology. We tailor with memory and nostalgia. Essential garments made of well-planned cuts with attention to details.

And again we turn the dreams engine on. Ready to dream about the future. Careless about trendiness. We don’t follow. We build solid and classic style.

Take each garment. Place it in space and draw a line between them. Now tense the line. Like an elastic rope that throws you both to past and future. To memories and furious hope. That’s our voice.

People Like you, People Like Us…


PEOPLE LIKE US, , 10997 Berlin, Germany

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