Death Throes Listening Party

Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 19:00

44 going

In the vein of visionaries like Powers 100 and Disney Babies, here comes another cover project. What's the deal?

-Solo artists, duos, trios, full bands and any combination of people or computers are welcome to submit!

-Pick your favorite dead musician and cover a song from the last album released before they died OR ANY postuhumous release excepting 'greatest hits' compilations. The focus is on what the artist was working on when they kicked the bucket. If you pick a non-frontperson musician and the band exists past their death, pick a song from the last album they were credited on.

-Email your artist, song choice and what name you'd like be known by to [email protected] for confirmation. If someone else got to your song first I'll ask you to pick another.

-Record your cover and also email it to [email protected] by April 20th. The style is up to you!

-Come to the listening party, time and location TBD!


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