Get It Done Mastermind -

Thursday, 30 November 2017, 10:00

Get It Done Mastermind -

Thursday 30th Nov 2017, 10pm- 4pm

Mastermind/ Meet up for Business Owners,Visionaries, Luminaries and Thoughtleaders designed to enable us to move forward with key priorities, Collaborate, Inspire and Share Ideas

It can be really challenging as a Solopreneur, Visionary or Lone thoughtleader working in isolation, trying to get motivated at home, trying to find a space to work or get productive.

So this will be about coming together in the same space , and bringing your priorities for the day to work on.
Tapping into the pool of resources and visionaries in the room.

Creating and Crafting fabulous Partnerships,
Collaborations and Joint Ventures, Co creating on Projects, Services and Events and Seeking Service and Support
Being with your peers and others on a mission and Sharing Expertise and Knowledge

And Even better still the Speaker/ Mastery Session will be lead by an amazing luminary from the group.

******This will be the First opportunity this month to come together and 'Get it done' *****

*****To keep the group nice and intimate there will be a maxinim of 20 Luminaries in this session ****

Bring your Laptops, Resources and All you need to progress, Eat that frog and 'Get It Done ' to move forward in your business, mission, vision and goals

10 -12pm Getting it done - Time to work on your projects & focus/ priority for the day
12pm-1pm - Lunch/ Break & Networking
1pm-2pm -Mastermind , Ideas Sharing & Feedback
2pm-2.30pm- Speaker/ Mastery Session
230pm-330pm- Getting it done - Time to work on projects & focus/ priority for the day
330pm- 4pm - Recap/ Conclusion & Setting the way forward

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Heres What some of our previous Attendees have said

'Today was productive for me. I was able to book 2 events, update my website and start my shop. It certainly helps being in a different environment.'

'It was great to have a block of time to focus on elements of my business, that I would not normally have. And to be able to work without the distractions you have at home.'
'Being able to connect with amazing people made the day even better'

About Your Host
Selina Boshorin - Owner and Founder of Caterpillar 2 Butterfly

Co creating with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs , Leaders and Revolutionaries to Consciously, Live, Lead and do Business, and to expand and make accellerated and aligned growth with ease, from the inside out. To enable them to be their best self in the world, step up and into their place as a leader, make more impact , inspire, influence and enable others to do the same.
Consciously connecting and creating platforms for leaders and revolutionaries and have more fun

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