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IsraFest - International Trance Porta Offers great deals on adventure travel,Festivals, hostels and tour packages in Israel & the world!

IsraFest is the leading brand in adventure travel for the backpacking, student, and young at heart traveler!

The IsraFest brand stands for:-

- Great value for money,
- Staff who genuinely care about your travel experience,
- Fantastic after sales support via our personal assistance.

The famous IsraFest Packages are still the best way to see Israel.

Good Music, Great Festivals & Unbeatable Packages

Tickets and Accommodation for Music Festivals! IsraFest allows you to book tickets, accommodation, transfer and extras for music festivals in Israel.

IsraFest provides a unique online service to live music fans, where you can book a full package for your next festival trip. IsraFest is designed to save you time and money. By providing festival tickets, as well as travel package offers – flights, trains, shuttles and hotels – IsraFest makes your next trip a simple and pleasant one.

Based on our own experiences, our exclusive packages make sure all your needs are met. We provide a full range of services: from event ticketing,flights booking, to hostel accommodation, to low-cost transportation to and from the festival.

Through IsraFest, you will also be kept aware of all festival schedules, news, and line-ups to enjoy this unprecedented experience.

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Upcoming IsraFest events

ŔIŚING ŚPIŖIŦ Festival ✾ 14-15.09.15 ✾ By U.N.I.T.Y - International Tickets

3,495 going

Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting: Monday, 14 September, 00:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00

☼ ° ○ • . U.N.I.T.Y Rising Spirit Festival . • ○ ° ☼

429 going

Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting: Thursday, 25 September, 18:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00

March of Trance

10 going

Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting: Thursday, 5 March, 00:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00