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Groove Attack is an Israeli based open air event production team, specially formed to develop top notch, state of the art electronic dance music events.
We take pride in our successful past events and look forward to an even brighter future.
Our events are delicately constructed. We place high focus & attention to the very small detail.

Vision, Mission, Moto & Manifesto :-)
Our purpose and aim is to provide our vast and tight, mature and beautiful crowd with an experience unlike any other.
Events bearing positive vibes, consisting of music loving and nature respecting people.
Harmonic and elevating energy presenting the perfect coexistence between Nature – Art – Mankind

Our crew consists of highly experienced professionals, connected and motivated to present you with an event which will forever stay eternal.
In order to help us maintain & progress with our vision, concept and vibe, we kindly ask you to keep this website details for you and your close friends only.
Each member of our on growing family is handpicked… we like to keep it private…

The Core Elements
1. Carefully selected locations
2. Cutting edge PA systems & lightning solutions
3. Specially developed, Event theme decorations
4. Hand-Picked Lineup giving stage to an impressive amount of respected & innovative international & local producers & Dj’s
4. Full confirmation by all local authorities

All this and more result in one uplifting, spiritual & successful experience after the other.

*** Our full identity is constructed by the entire Groove Attack family… Our Beautiful Crowd… U give us the energy to Innovate…
We would like to thank the massive amount of people who take part in our events. Be sure we will keep on enlightening & enhancing your experience.

Groove attack – We are here to make a change!
We are looking forward to see you at our upcoming events.

, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Upcoming Groove Attack events

Heatwave 2nd Edition by Groove Attack

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Starting: Saturday, 29 August, 13:00

Ending: Saturday, 29 August, 23:00

הסעות לפסטיבל טיפ פורים 2015

285 going

Tel Aviv, Israel

Starting: Friday, 6 March, 00:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00