Culture Jam


We see events as oppurtunities to build interactive world through theatrics, set design, skits, culture jamming and music.

Culture Jam is a unique event crew from Melbourne. We aim to push boundaries by constantly pushing our themed parties to new levels with characters, costumes, themed ideas, live skits and narratives. We aim to make the party experience more creative that consumption based, leaving people buzzed up and inspired!

Our biggest achievement so far was the interactive festival, The Town, in which we build at Mock Town full of 1000 wild people, actors, fake shops, theatrics and a whole lot more in one of Victoria's lushest locations.

In colder months Culture Jam hosts events at Revolt Artspace., a theatrically converted 150 year old factory, giving us the oppurtunity to work with theatre crew and props and really bring themed events to life!

In summer we hold creative community outdoor park parties at the beautiful Ceres Environment Farm, a unique sustainable park close to the City, but with the feeling of a cosy natural enviornment. The most popular being the annual Stacks On Festival held in January.

Culture Jam's speciality now is fully themed events.

Apart from the Town, the event The World Beyond takes this to extreme levels with a post-apocalyptic/future themed event involving building a fully immersive futursitic World. The last event, World Beyond- Cyber City, took the concept further with interactive digital wristbands, interactive missions, live science experiments, virtual 3d holidays, body scans and themed spaces.

The events are no longer something you check out, they are alive experiments you become a part of and help create. We aim to make these worlds so immersive and detailed that you can loose and find yourself within the fun of theatrics of incredible spaces, concepts and people.

Get inspired, get involved see you on the dancefloor and in another pop-up world of imagination!

Huge love.
Culture Jam.

, Melbourne, Australia