Psy Trance

PSYFARI: A Festival of music, camping, art, performances, and costumes! Family friendly, BYO.

PSYFARI is a wild place traveled to by many each year. The journey rekindles our primal bond by getting all “Noisy Chicken on the place.” Getting on down and funky, in your own collaborative purple octopus suit sort of way.

In a wild 7000 acre property, over 3 music stages it's assured that there will be vibrations to draw in you to dance all weekend.

Noisy Chicken are a Sydney based crew, energetic towards bringing people and chickens together, but not limiting to that. We invite everything and everyone to be encapsulated in our eggs. To create magical places and with the help from you, manifest vibrations. Shaping moments which transform us into the future in a chicken spaceship.

The meaning behind PSYFARI goes back to a time when animals lived in the now, a time when animals were silly, and fun! They didn’t just sit around all day staring at facebook. The wilderness was where they escaped to…
A place that didn’t need paved streets or mobile coverage…
A place that they could dance and play…
A place they could be themselves!

Life was simple and life was wild.

PSYFARI 2016 will kick off a on Thursday the 25th of August, with entertainment until the evening of Sunday the 28th!

You'll also be welcome to stay the Sunday night to rest up before driving home, with camping included until Monday the 29th.

Join us for 5 days of camping, dancing, costume-wearing, workshop-participating, art-manifesting, and of course memory-creating, as we gather for PSYFARI Festival 2016.

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, Capertee Valley, Australia