Orin-Aya Festival


Orin Aya is a 4 days festival in the magic land of far north Queensland.

Orin-Aya is a celebration of collaborative knowledge, a creative involvement,

of music, art, performance and healing in a ceremony which brings heightened energy.

Connecting multicultural tribes from around the globe to bring

Healing, through music and human connection,

Sharing a flow of positive energy, uniting us all in Peace, brining harmony in the world

Through dance we generate a shift among humankind, creating heaven on


This is the vision, this is the light among the people, and this is the vine of


Welcome to the light welcome to Orin-Aya



, Home Rule Rossville, Australia

Upcoming Orin-Aya Festival events

Orin Aya Festival 2017

60 going

Rossville, Australia

Starting: Friday, 8 September, 15:00

Ending: Monday, 11 September, 19:00