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3rd Eye Productions are based in Northern NSW, Australia. Staging music & alternative lifestyle events; Strange Brew, Spring Equinox & Indigo Evolution.

From humble beginnings, 3rd Eye Productions has now grown to be one of the leading teams in Australia, showcasing annual, state of the art events.

3rd Eye Productions is also an internationally recognized label, releasing cutting edge music from Artists living Down Under. Artists available for bookings are as follows:


TOXICAL (Israel)
Toxical - Rotem Doron from Israel, well known name here, join forces and good vibes. Located in the sunny southern town, Beer Sheba. Definitely one of the finest new specimens producing Trance music today.
This creative project have met back in 1999 Untill 2009 Toxical were Rotem Doron and Eli Abutbul The project split and each member is now working independantly. They started playing around, gradually building their studio and polishing the new sound.
Toxical have already released a handful of tracks, featured on compilation, on international labels such as:
Tactic Records,Com-Pact Records,DNA Records,Sundance Records, ShivLink Records, Boom Shanty Records, Virus Tekk Records, Spliff Records, Sinn Tec Records, Magma Records and Kagdila.
Toxical's sound has been rocking audiences all over the world and is currently in very high demand.
Toxical's sound can be best described as Powerful, Morning style Full-On,
enhanced by crystal clear bass lines, rich melodic synths,
and enchanting atmospheric pads.

Nathan Falk/Soundwave is a producer, Dj and label owner of 3rd Eye Productions, from Byron Bay, Australia. His sound of tight, rolling basslines and funky melodies, has supported major artists such as Loud, U Reckon, Protoculture and Headroom plus many more. Soundwave travels interstate and overseas for gigs. Highlights include Exodus 07 08 09 and Full Moon Party 2009 Thailand. Now based in Sydney, 3rd Eye Productions has a new release featuring Soundwave on the compilation, Ajna. His debut album, Your Cup of Tea, will be released later this year. For bookings and other information, go to http://www.3rdeye.com.au

Beatrix , is a 26 year old Psytrance/Electro music producer and DJ, from Australia. He started dj-ing in late 2004 over the North Coast of N.S.W. Beatrix went on to play at many amazing venues, festivals and forests around Australia.. Where he played alongside artists such as: Skazi, Nitro, ZenMechanics, WhiteNoise, Twilight, Launchpad, Josh Niyama, Positive Thought, and many more ..... Beatrix produces is own brand of high-energy music .............;-) His sound is a combination of many elements: From Heavy Baselines, Techno like percussion, Melodic, funky edged electro grooves, to full-on broken sound structures. These techniques create a wide range of sound scapes and environments to immerse in.. Beatrix delivers a High-Energy Live set with skillful Precision, where he continues to find appreciative dance floors Australia Wide. Beatrix also has a electro side project under the name ...The Project http://www.myspace.com/beatrixtheproject

Disect is the brain-child of Ed Reading. His love of psytrance began in high school when a friend introduced him to Infected Mushroom and since then has developed into a full blown obsession. With an energetic and punchy style, Ed has recently been infusing guitar and trance to create a unique blend of Australian dance music. He has played at festivals such as Isotopia, Earthcore, Exodus and Dragon Dreaming. Releasing tracks with Fish n Trips Records and Third Eye Productions, he is working towards his debut album.
All tracks are unmastered originals.
For bookings+ info:
[email protected]
Big thanks to Lindsay Heffernan (Bloozo) for his guitar skills and good times :)

Home Made is Mitch Johnson who was introduced to the psychedelic scene about 6 years ago through a couple of his good mates and was instantly intrigued by the sounds and atmosphere. After a while of going to parties and getting well loose he started to get obsessed with psychedelic trance, so he started to learn to mix and with the help off another close friend he was able to mix the music that he now couldn't get enough of and spent most of his time perfecting his new found passion. He eventually found his way to the other side of the decks and started to play at many local parties throughout the NNSW area but he was looking for something more and started to experiment with different sounds and programs/equipment and started writing his own tunes, one thing lead to another and he found himself sitting infront of a computer for days on end looking for the sound he was after. Now with 4 years of writing psychedelic trance and constantly searching and experimenting, always looking for a way to improve and grow on, there is now a undoubtable sound that is Home Made.

Dirt (nick andrews) found psychedelic trance music in 2006 and not long after became a part of the outdoor dance party scene. Blown away by the solid bass lines and psychedelic sounds he heard became obsessed by it and could not get enough. He started djing at small partys in the coffs harbour area slowly meeting more and more people eventually met a group of lads in grafton who were creating their own psychedelic sounds. this was a new beggining. having played guitar and keyboard throughout school Dirt couldnt have been more keen to get involved, soon enough had a new computer and was spending countless hours in front of cubase. his music is these days described as melodic and satisfying..
(Soundcloud) : http://www.soundcloud.com/dirtydirt
(Myspace) : http://www.myspace.com/dirtstunz

Black Samurai (VIC)

Launchpad (NNSW)


Morphic Field (WA)

For any bookings of any of these artist for live sets contact [email protected]

DJS Available for Bookings:

Gallomph QLD
Leumas NNSW
Fish bowl memory NNSW
Strongboard NNSW
Psykeeks NNSW

For booking of any of these artist for DJ sets please contact us via:
[email protected]
3rd Eye Productions released the debut compilation Ajna featuring
Double Vision,Terrafractyl,Soundwave,Twilight, Creten, Tatsu, Launchpad, Black Samurai in 2011.

The debut Album Dynomaniac from Creten was also released by 3rd Eye Productions in April 2011 both of these are for sale on Saiko sounds.

The debut Album from Soundwave, Your Cup Of Tea, was also released by 3rd Eye Productions in April 2012 both of these are for sale on Saiko sounds.

3rd eye productions also released the new Digital Sun Album Bass Blasster in April 2012

Soon to be released is 3rd eye productions first Progressive Compilation Bush Medicine. Compiled by Label Dj J3. https://www.facebook.com/J3.3rdEyeProductions/

We are always on the scout for new artists. If you wish to apply, please contact us and send through an email with a demo attached.




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