Dragon Dreaming Festival


Psy Trance

Dragons will Dream surrounded by the loving intention of a tribe immersed in art and music for the soul 21-24 October 2016.

Enter the mind and imagination of the Dragon for four days in October in witness of a most beautiful festival!

Dragon Dreaming takes pride in nurturing local artists, live bands and DJs while providing an environment suitable for families and children of all ages. Dragon Dreaming Festival is approaching its seventh year and intend leaving all attendees feeling satisfied, fresh and inspired.

The Funky Beats:
Dragon Dreaming Festival admits to getting down to a wide variety of musical tastes and we will present a carefully selected line up ranging from live bands, gypsy, dub, tribal rhythms, psytrance, breaks, dubstep, glitch, progressive, ambient, house, reggae and the list journeys on...

Find your groove over the weekend on three different amplified stages. So put on your stomping shoes or your belly dancing jewels and have a boogie with your friends and family.

Fashions & Rations Market Stalls:
The festival will contain several market stalls to spend your pretty, shiny pennies. These market stalls will contain anything ranging from beautiful clothing, jewellery, musical instruments, fairy wings, crystals, precious rocks and many more... If your bellies are grumbling or you need your morning coffee, no need to worry as there will be tasty hot food and drink stalls on site.

Lifestyle Area:
This space offers for you to unwind, learn & engage in a new activity or reconnect with your inner self with our range of different workshops and activities. Enter the workshop as you are and leave feeling inspired with new knowledge and head on down to the dance floor to show off your new belly dance moves or fly high with your new fairy wings. There will be a variety of workshops. Watch the website for updates.

Stop, Revive, Survive:
Always remember to keep hydrated over the weekend! Although, water sometimes is not the only answer... If the festival gets a little bit too overwhelming perhaps you should glide over to the Healing Space where you can join in with stretching or yoga after dancing for hours on end, or receive a refreshing massage.

Fun for the Offspring:
The Kids Space at Dragon Dreaming offers a range of workshops and activities to ensure that the kids are enjoying the festivities just as much as the big kids. Not only is it a safe and welcoming environment but it is a great way for the kids to play, learn and make new friends.

Get your gear packed and join us with counting down the days until the magical madness.

Every great dream begins with a creator, so if you would like to help create Dragon Dreaming Festival 2014 please see our website for more details: http://www.dragondreaming.com.au



1 Freedom Way, 8008 Green Fields of Grass Town, Australia