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DIDGERIDOO DANCE MUSIC LIVE SHOWS: » 02.04.2016 - DIDGE & BASS - Postgarage » 28.10.2016 - DIDGE & BASS - Postgarage http://www.didgeandbass.com

Europeans largest didgeridoo event series. The live music - a blend of didgeridoo, drums, percussion and stringed instruments, singing and much more - could be categorised as club music, but the sounds and appeal are completely different to those experienced at the run-of-the-mill electronic events which dominate the market. In addition to club events, a 3-day festival is also staged in the forests of south-east Styria every year.

Acts @ DIDGE & BASS:
Live-Bands: Wild Marmalade (AUS), Traumwandler (AUT), Didges Brew (D), Yogev Haruvi (ISRAEL), RhythMen (AUT), Matsumoto Zoku (JAPAN), Ansgar Stein (AUT), Airtist (HU), Vento Sul (AUT), Chaplin (UK), In2bation (AUT), Air Rapide (AUT), Milanga (F), Paraminds (AUT), Dubarray (AUS), Dreschheads (D), 160 human BPM (AUT), Analogue Birds (D), Klimmstein (AUT), The Uptown Monotones (AUT), Kooyar (AUT), Positive Pulse (SLO), Loonaloop (AUS), Flabous feat. Ancherié (AUT), uvm.

Guests: Ivory Parker aka "neXor", Matthias Loibner, Mathias Pflug, Alex Mayer, Christian Bakanic & Klemens Bittmann, Conrado Molina, Heinz & Norbert Wallner, Manfred Temmel aka "Speedy", Reena Winters, Andreas Maurer, Chris Laber, Wotan, Deno Kaufmann aka "Denovaire", Andreas Sassi Krampl, Philipp Pluhar aka "dr.pheel", Chris Schermer, MC Deadlock, Maria Rerych uvm.

DJ´s: Krafty Kuts, Slack Hippy (fm4), Natlapse, Natural Soundsystem, Simon Off, Tom Wieland feat. Ola Egbowon, ib..noze (Duckpond crew) , kimwild, Pepke, BTO Spider (fm4), Blah, White Locusts, Seismo, Nu Funk, uvm.



Puchstrasse 17, 8020 Graz, Austria

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