Woodford Folk Festival


The Woodford Folk Festival is an iconic 6 day cultural festival held at Woodfordia, Qld. More than 2000 performers, 35 venues and 438 acts are programmed featuring local, national and international guests.

Woodford Folk Festival is held in a beautiful valley in South East Queensland Australia and runs from the 27th December until the 1st January every year. Six days and nights, with 438 acts including concerts, dance, indigenous performances, theatre, comedy, film, street performances, visual arts and sustainability forums.
100,000 people from all walks of like come to Woodford, there are great bars, cafes and restaurants, camping facilities and the beautiful spirit of Woodford.

For more detailed information on the festival and to buy tickets, please visit our website: http://www.woodfordfolkfestival.com



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87 Woodrow Road, 4514 Woodford, Australia

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Upcoming Woodford Folk Festival events

Woodford Folk Festival 2013

3,987 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Friday, 27 December, 00:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00

Woodford Folk Festival 2014-2015

3,409 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Saturday, 27 December, 08:00

Ending: Thursday, 1 January, 23:00

Woodford Folk Festival

2,917 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Tuesday, 27 December, 08:00

Ending: Sunday, 1 January, 20:00

The Planting

795 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Friday, 5 June, 17:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00

The East Pointers and Hot Potato Band

88 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Sunday, 3 January, 19:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00

Woodford Folk Festival presents The Paul McKenna Band (Scot) JAN Tour

24 going

Woodford, Australia

Starting: Tuesday, 29 December, 12:00

Ending: Wednesday, 30 November, 00:00