Apollo Bay Music Festival


In its 22nd year, the Apollo Bay Music Festival has a knack for picking the best performers in all genres from all over. You know it. Tell no one!

Originally started by passionate members in the community as an outlet to nurture local music, Apollo Bay Music Festival has grown into the sought after multi genre event for all ages it is today. Unashamedly independent, the Festival has a knack of picking the best new bands and mixing them in with older.. well.. more established artists.

You can dance (or darnce), sing, bring a picnic rug and chairs, and as many kids 15 and under you can fit legally in the vehicle of your choice. There is lots of food, and local beverages available, and the beach is only a stones throw away (although stone throwing is not permitted).

Lots of big bands have played over the years. Too many to mention in fact, but the real gems are the undiscovered ones that you looked at on the program and said "I haven't heard of any of these!" And then you danced along and followed them obsessively for the following year. We have lots like that!

TIckets are advertised poorly so that most of our patrons hear about us from word of mouth only. This means we get all your friends to come and new friends are only a short conversation away.

We have a skatepark right next door and lots of space on the beach which is provided for free to those who appreciate sand and fresh air.

If you've read this far you are technically committed so thank you and see you soon!




69 Nelson St, 3233 Apollo Bay, Australia

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