New Years EVIE


New Years EVIE festival and all round party!

Good people, lovers, music lovers, romantics, appreciators of fine food, purveyors of all things quality, searchers of a good time, architects of fun, makers of magic, country bumpkins, city lights.


There is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city during the most unrelenting and hectic time of year, a place filled with uplifting music and great food, superb booze, if you like, and wonderful warm and friendly people, all set in a beautiful tree filled country environment where the air is fresh, the vibe is sweet and everything you need is just a few steps away.

A place where you won’t have to fight over cabs when you’re done because there are no cabs and you’re already home sweet home. A place where you can escape to, a place to turn the phone off, forget about annoying emails and woosh work away.

A place to relax and say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in the New Year with a warm smile and open arms, a cold beer and a sausage in bread or a cocktail and a quinoa salad, all whilst enjoying the sweet sounds of amazing live bands and DJs underneath a sparkling and magical naked sky.

A place with a giant slip ‘n’ slide!

A place with a long and proud history of good times.

This place is called Bruzzy’s farm and this good time we speak of is the caring and generous, nurturing, nourishing, intimate bosom of New Years Evie and we are just oh so happy to invite you to come along and enjoy it all with us.

This is not a fantasyland.

This place is real … and it’s yours.

No bullshit, just memorable and magical good times.

“Let your hair hang down”

, 3659 Tallarook, Australia

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