Fieldview Festival


Founded by brothers, built by friends and shared with everyone, Fieldview Festival is Wiltshire’s finest summer party. Since it’s inception in 2006, Fieldview has been committed to bringing together the best of the UK’s independent and grass-roots music, whilst combining it with a huge variety of artistic and cultural workshops, locally sourced food and drink, and a true community atmosphere. Alongside it’s reputation for finding ‘the best bands of next year’ (check its past line-ups to see just how many of its artists have gone on to achieve great things since performing there), Fieldview is also renowned for its charitable ethos. It is an entirely ‘non-profit’ event and has donated over £25,000 to good causes, both locally and internationally, in recent years. Its crew, its artists and its guests who return year on year know what a special place Fieldview is, but don’t just take our word for it. Visit or pick up a ticket to see for yourself.

Little Somerford, SN15 5LA Chippenham, United Kingdom

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Upcoming Fieldview Festival events

Fieldview Festival 2016 - 10th Anniversary!

1,436 going

Chippenham, United Kingdom

Starting: Thursday, 4 August, 15:00

Ending: Sunday, 7 August, 12:00

Fieldview Festival 2015

968 going

Chippenham, United Kingdom

Starting: Thursday, 6 August, 16:00

Ending: Sunday, 9 August, 13:00

Fieldview Festival 2017

621 going

Chippenham, United Kingdom

Starting: Thursday, 3 August, 16:00

Ending: Sunday, 6 August, 13:00