Gottwood Festival


The mystical little party hidden in the middle of the woods. Gottwood is an independent, boutique, and very intimate underground electronic festival...

2013 Reviews

RESIDENT ADVISOR - 4.5/5 "Gottwood has a nearly perfect mix of ingredients, and long may it continue so."

NEVER ENOUGH NOTES - 9/10 ""Understated, romantic and truly the most unique festival experience going, Gottwood is a lesson to other festivals who shy away from niche markets and toward mainstream acts and sponsors."

PULSE RADIO - "’s a magical festival filled with unhinged but totally brilliant people. It’s organic, it’s unfussy, genuine and the musical curating is unbelievably on point. Gottwood Til I Die."

MEOKO - "There was a real sense of unity radiating between everyone as we revelled in the mystical atmosphere, and with the entire forest cloaked in a sea of lights and colours, you couldn’t help but smile."

BOKAH - "With a relaxed atmosphere yet still always bustling with liveliness, and a setting that makes other festivals look empty and bleak in comparison, Gottwood should be at the top of your list of festivals to attend in 2014 – we can’t wait to go back."

BIDOLITO! - "The hills, the lake, the seclusion, those fairy lights; all create the impression that we are in some sort of twilight zone completely separated from the rest of the world."

STAMP THE WAX - "To stand out, a boutique electronic festival in the UK has to keep a certain level of intimacy, provide something unique, be housed in idyllic surroundings and (most importantly) offer sets from cutting-edge DJs. Over four days, chapter four of Gottwood managed to achieve all of these, making this year a runaway success."

THE RANSOM NOTE - "I lost my Gottwood virginity this year to Chapter Four of the Welsh escapade and boy was it good."

2012 Reviews




Artist Testimonials

Bicep - "Up there with our favourite festivals we did all year, and we did a lot! As perfect a small festival can be, amazing people, food and music…look forward to going back ourselves!"

Move D - "the most lovely setting on a druid's island in wales. lovely people, great music on all stages - a must go!"

Futureboogie: "Gottwood - loved it, we were gutted we had to leave, great vibes, great crew - top marks!"

Maribou State - "Gottwood was definitely one of the highlights of our summer! Amazing vibe, and even better setting."

Huxley - "Loved Gottwood! Easily up there with the best of the festivals I played this year!"

Dan Beaumont - "It was a real joy playing at Gottwood - a beautiful setting and a fantastic crowd who really knew their music. I loved it - a really cosmic weekend!"

Dj Format - "Gottwood Festival was perfect for me, beautiful intimate surroundings full of enthusiastic open minded music lovers!"

Max Cooper - "I was really excited to be back at my favourite festival, and as I had hoped, I had another exceptionally amazing night with a great response from everyone and plenty a shenanegan in the forest. This festival is more fun than all the others, I think because of the size, programming, beautiful location, and the friendly people that make the atmosphere so inviting."

Round Table Knights - "We love Gottwood!"

Just Another Magazine - "Never before had a festival so small and understated pack such a punch."

Mr Scruff - "'I really enjoyed gottwood festival, a beautiful location, friendly people and a great atmosphere. I'll be back!"

Meoko - "Small means beautiful really fits the bill for this boutique electronic festival, combining the setting of a fantastical acid trip fairytale and the best of underground electronica, talented pioneering producers, and heavyweight masters of the current dance music landscape. But as we know many festivals can have beautiful settings and a fantastic line up, but what sets Gottwood apart is the people and the incredible atmosphere they create; the vibes from this independent and unique event are unparalleled to any festival I have yet to attend."

Gutter Magazine - "Set within a forest that would do Hans Christian Andersen proud, there's a beach a half hour’s walk away and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes waking up in London the day after it’s over a very difficult task indeed…"

Perc - "Gottwood festival was great fun, small but perfectly formed."

Gottwood, Carreglwyd Estate, Llanfaethlu, LL65 4NY Carreglwyd Estate, Yns Mon, Anglesey, United Kingdom