DOOF Festival


Psy Trance

Because everybody needs a place where they can go insane peacefully

As the winter slowly starts to fade away and hillsides turn green, our tribes unite to celebrate the birth of a new spring. 3 days of colorful nature, music and chilling on the beach.
Doof festival was the first gathering of its kind in the holly-land and a meeting point for families of smiling people who came from all corners of the world to dance and chill under the sun and moon.
DooF has its own character, faces and vibe. We have Karahana, the SoUp, great variety of MuSiC and a crowd that never stops surprising.
If u have not been DooFed yet, it's not easy to understand what it is. Come as u r, c for yrself <3
LoVe PsYcHeDeLiC

, Tiberias, Israel